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About network

Sunrise Network is an ambition and perspective project. The Company’s business is based on the full development of the international market of Internet advertising. Today, Sunrise Network aims to cover the largest advertising direction, such as: pop-up, teaser, line, and contextual advertising, but paying particular attention to banner advertising.

More recently, the company Sunrise Network started its active expansion on the market of Internet advertising. But now, it has impressive results: own and shared online and offline projects that specialize in creating effective and high-quality advertising content. We have been carrying out many successful projects and the company’s major focus is on building a global social-advertising network.

Everybody knows that online advertising, like any other advertising is a market where you can quickly return your investment in a company engaged in advertising. In our case, we’ll talk only about online advertising. There is no such thing as a long-term investment, and your income is fixed very quickly here, especially in the sphere of quality banner advertising. This sphere has become a priority in our plans.

That factor exactly formed the basis for the development of the investment project from Sunrise Network!

However, for the full-scale launch of social-advertising network Sunrise Network, we decide to involve private investors. According to this decision we have some advantages for the company and for investors.

Benefits for the company: we want to delegate the funding of a new project with private investors. This greatly simplifies the funding process. Everything happens without intermediaries. You don’t have to involve third parties or credit institutions. All funds are directed to conclude contracts with agencies (both online and offline), to absorb small companies, to strengthen positions on the advertising market in several countries and regions.

All investors can get a great opportunity to be co-founders of a successful business, if they’ll be at the forefront of creating and launching social-advertising network Sunrise Network. They don’t need to do any long-term investment because each investor will receive a share of profits immediately and it will accrue from already implemented advertising projects and portals. Start working now in a large and legitimate company, each investor lays the foundation for long-term and profitable co-operation, not only for themselves but also for their family, for children and for grandchildren.

What about social-advertising network Sunrise Network, essentially, it’s a "refined" product - there will be completely eliminated “annoying” factor. Advertising will be targeted and customized only for its target audience. Advantages for advertisers: this advertising is more effective and it has much better response than the fabulously expensive and inefficient television advertising. And more and more people are looking for answers to their questions on the Internet.

In conclusion, we would like to say that starting your co-operation with Sunrise Network you get a unique opportunity to increase your investment and lay a solid foundation for your share in one of the largest and most ambitious projects of the global Internet.

Sunrise Network – your Internet territory!





  • 1. General banner networks

    Banner network of a general type doesn’t impose any restrictions on its participants (many different web sites can be taken in the network, except sites that contradict the legislation in force of the Russian Federation).

  • 2. Regional banner network

    Banner network of regional type combine sites (determined by the same region, hence the name).

  • 3. Narrow banner network

    Banner network of narrow focus combine sites with subjects that interest a narrow community. For example: sports, financial, computer etc.

  • 4. Network availability constraints

    Banner network availability constraint simply the set of special “filters”. These filters may be: quality of the site, its traffic, content, placement on paid or free hosting etc.

Types of banners

  • 1. Text banners

    Text banners is a graphical banner, but without the graphic content. Text banner is a good choice because:

    • Content is easily formatted;

    • Do not create excessive congestion;

    • Watch with switchable graphics;

    • Downloaded even with a slow Internet connection;

    • Easy to make.

  • 2. Graphic banners

    Advertising specialists and graphic designer help you to create a banner. Well-designed graphic banner will be much more popular. This type of banners can be called image. We will tell you about it below.

Different types of graphic banners

There are three image formats in constant use on the net — JPG, PNG, GIF and uses flash technology. These banners are divided into three main categories:
  • 1. Versatile

    For example, often networks of our partners may differ in their architecture and consist of several subnets. However, the versatile banner can support a variety of formats.

  • 2. Specialized

    Here all banners have a unified standard. This greatly simplifies the exchange of banners between different advertising banner networks and sites.

  • 3. Multiformat

    This type of networking implies the ability to work with different formats of banners. This gives you the opportunity to broadcast multi-format banner and keep accurate statistics.