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Business line

Main activity of the company is effective and competent promotion of the Internet advertising.

It is important to take into account the interests of all parties, such as advertisers and consumers.

Advertisers must see that their advertising works and brings them profit. And people must watch only those ads that are interesting to them. we think that ads must contain useful and necessary information.

The aspects mentioned above formed the basis of an advertising and social network of the company Sunrise Network!

Statistics advertising


Today the company Sunrise uses popular ways of advertising and has concentrated only on its network. Banners are one of the most effective ways of promoting the advertised product.


According to customer surveys: For many years, the company Sunrise Network has developed own internal statistic on the effectiveness of any type of advertising. Of course, in order to achieve good results, we need a good setup and some powerful end-to-end analytics. our highly qualified specialists are engaged in this area.

  • 1place

    64%of viewers choose banner ads

  • 2place

    13%of viewers choose contextual ads

  • 3place

    11%of viewers choose the lowercase ads

  • 4place

    9%of viewers choose video ads on YouTube

  • 5place

    3%of viewers prefer receive ads by e-mail




Advertising spots

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3 level:


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7 level:


8 level:


Before you place your ads on different thematic sites, all ads are moderated by special scripts and must be approved before it can be published. This chart approximately shows you all places where you can put your ads.

  1. 1. Search queries
  2. 2. The sites Sunrise Network
  3. 3. The partner sites Sunrise Network
  4. 4. Thematic sites
  5. 5. Thematic forums
  6. 6. Personal blogs
  7. 7. Advertising on YouTube
  8. 8. Entertainment sites


First profit within 24 hours

First profit within 24 hours Your deposit start working immediately after placing it in our system. After 24 hours, you will get the first profit.

Instant withdrawal to your e-wallet

Instant withdrawal to your e-wallet Most payment systems have the function - automatic withdrawal to your e wallet. the main point, you must specify the payment details in the personal account settings.

The best affiliate program

The best affiliate program There are 2 types of affiliate programs and the Representative network program. You can earn money with these two methods.

Real-time accrual

Real-time accrual You can monitor your profit accruals, receipt of affiliate benefits and payouts from your personal account.

Funds and data protection

Funds and data protection Our Web Site is protected through the use of encryption, such as the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol and Bulletproof web server.